Insurance when you are travelling comes highly recommended. Anything can happen at any time so it’s good to be prepared.

My favorite company is World Nomads and I’ve been with them since 2016. I think that they are professional, efficient and reliable. So far, I’ve gotten bitten by a dog, sick, had my laptop stolen and lost my prescription glasses to the sea, and every time, World Nomads has had my back.


When I was sick, their excellent and reliable customer service was on top of getting in touch with me and making sure that I was receiving the best medical services possible. When I had my laptop stolen, they were in constant contact with the local police. Not only are they professional, but they seem to understand traveler’s needs while being friendly. Maybe it’s because the company was founded by an ex-experienced traveler.


Above their amazing customer service, they process claims fairly and quickly. Personally, what I find to be the best thing about them is that you can renew your insurance online and even while you are travelling!

I chose them because they were reputable and recommended by Lonely Planet and National Geographic. Another reason I chose World Nomads was simply because of their fair price when I compared them to their competitors.


Some people who buy insurance will never need it. But if you are very unlucky like I was, then I think travel insurance is absolutely necessary. If I didn’t have insurance I would have been out by several hundred to one thousand dollars. I’ve also heard of countless stories from other travelers not being insured and owing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Be smart and be prepared. Get some Insurance.


If you are planning a trip, click the link below and see if there is a plan that works for you!

Full Disclosure: I am an affiliate partner for World Nomads.